EREN Industries Hellas A.E. was founded in 2016 and belongs to the EREN GROUPE. Its purpose is to promote innovative technologies and services provided by the group in the field of energy management and saving, water and waste treatment as well as infrastructure monitoring and helth.

In the field of energy through EREN TES, also a subsidiary of EREN GROUP, it operates as a diffuser of technologies that allow the economically viable transition of the building sector to a sustainable environment. By using intelligent thermal load monitoring and forecasting systems, thermal micro-networks and thermal energy storage promotes the rational use of energy and the reduction of gaseous pollutants.

In the field of water and waste treatment through its subsidiary OREGE implements high efficiency sludge treatment systems. By stabilizing and reducing the volume of sludge large amounts of resources are saved during the phase of transport and storage for reuse, landfill or incineration.

In the field of building and infrastructure monitoring, through its subsidiary OSMOS, offers engineers and companies the possibility of continuous real-time monitoring of their infrastructures and buildings health. The goal is to extend the life of structures and save resources by optimizing maintenance processes.